Saturday, November 14, 2009

P-TAPS - The beginning

An agonisingly slow 6 months after my 12th grade exams saw me resorting to various forms of recreation before i was to embark on my trip to medical school. of those, there have been some which were a few shades more productive, but the one that strikes a note in my heart till today for its originality and novelty, was my comic strip. it started off as a bunch of one-liners with a juvenile sketch in a battered old notebook. soon, the ideas for more gags just kept flowing into my cranium till i decided to give them all a name - P-TAPS.... Perpetually Taken Aback Person... in honour of the taken aback expression on atleast one individual's face in every strip. i've also added footnotes in capital letters to those posts which might require a little explanation, as im hoping to reach out to people from all over the world.
its been 7 years since P-TAPS took shape and even as im closing in on a century,im hoping to accomplish many more in the years to come...


  1. great work mate.. its simple and proves its point.


  2. Do you have a RSS feed button.

  3. Yes, its there on the homepage. check it out.

  4. its simply great gets better every time
    you simply great