Saturday, November 14, 2009


P-TAPS - Perpetually Taken Aback Person. 

It all started after I had completed my 12th grade and needed an outlet to express my ideas on various gags that cropped into my head. I enjoy observing people and their quirks and translating that into art.

My fondness for jokes, one-liners, puns and play with words saw me creating my own comicstrip. It involved a single strip joke with a one-liner and a witty title. Soon, I started addressing current affairs, trending topics, hashtags and the occasional social issue. Nothing offensive. It was all about the punchline. After all, why waste a good idea.

Soon, as life progressed, the comic strip slowed down and I moved on to serious art - sketches, drawings,  paintings on canvasses. My love for the human figure continued, albeit in more colour and detail. I developed an array of paintings and sketches and I gave them my own flavours.

 My art ranges from potraits, figuratives of deities, Sadhus (a personal favourite), figures going about their daily routine, Indian culture and the occasional quirky vintage object.

My main aim is to make my work available to a diverse audience and get to know as many artists in return. Art is unique to each individual and should be explored with an unprejudiced eye and an open mind.

Enough said. Let the medium do its talking now. 


  1. great work mate.. its simple and proves its point.


  2. Do you have a RSS feed button.

  3. Yes, its there on the homepage. check it out.

  4. its simply great gets better every time
    you simply great