Sunday, January 23, 2011


No, I'm NOT having a bad hair day! Its very windy today...!!


  1. I always used to wonder.. itne lambe baal, poor thing must be spending the whole day trying to weed out lice from her hair.. she must get obsessed with removing lice from her hair like I am about removing booklice from books!..

    I love taking photos of insects, I have bought books containing photos of insects, those books became infested with insects, where does that leave me? love hate relation hai insects ke saath.. love the ones outside your home, hate the ones inside..

    same is with hair - love the one on you head, hate the ones which are elsewhere...

  2. well, that's awesome.. even the comment !! Good one Anurag.. even i love insects, Spiders mainly.. i like them everywhere !!